Teeth Whitening in Marmaris

What causes teeth to become yellow?
Teeth Whitening in Marmaris

Thinning of the enamel: The outer layer of teeth, known as enamel, is coloured white to protect the more delicate inner structure. Dentin is a yellow-brown tissue beneath the enamel. The teeth become darker when the enamel layer thins or wears away. Some people have naturally thinner enamel, which can be acidic foods that also wear down tooth enamel.

Stains: The teeth are stained by certain foods and beverages, such as cola & coffee. Certain meals that discolour the teeth can also harm enamel, causing it to age faster. Cigarettes, smoking, and some antibiotics are other sources of stains.

Who Needs Professional Teeth Whitening?

The greatest method to make your teeth seem whiter is by performing a mild dental office procedure called teeth whitening. Teeth naturally have a yellow tint. However, certain habits and meal choices can make your teeth appear considerably yellower over time, tarnishing the appearance of your grin. If you drink a lot of coffee, for example, your teeth may appear darker than usual. Teeth stained by several undesirable actions, such as smoking, may be difficult to restore. If your teeth are brightly or abnormally discoloured yellow, you might want to consider getting them professionally whitened. Teeth whitening can even remove a minor yellow tinge that you don't care about.

Teeth Whitening in Marmaris
What is Professional Teeth Whitening and How Does It Work?

Your teeth may appear slightly brighter when you use these items. The whitening component in these readily available products, on the other hand, is insufficient in concentration to remove deep stains effectively. Professional teeth whitening is a treatment that only licensed dentists can perform to eliminate persistent stains from teeth. Unlike over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions, professional teeth whitening provides for longer-lasting and more effective results. Unlike over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments, professional teeth whitening offers long-lasting and more effective outcomes. Laser teeth whitening is one of the most popular and fastest procedures for fading smile lines. You can get the treatment in a single visit and see visible changes right away.

Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is one of the most rapid whitening procedures globally. It involves using a higher concentration of bleaching gel to the teeth and activating them with a solid high-intensity plasma arc light. There's a noticeable change in colour after the procedure. This is followed by a more accelerated method of home therapy to maintain the colour transformation and improve the final appearance. The cost of laser whitening is £160 for individuals who want a brighter smile in a short time. The first step involves a 45 minute treatment called "practice bleaching". It also includes lab bleach trays and whitening syringes.

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