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Travel through the most beautiful beaches while you are having your dental treatment!

  • Porcelain Crown

    Crown restorations are one of the most frequent dental treatments in the world. Every day, thousands of individuals have crowns placed to repair a variety of tooth and mouth issues.

  • Alpha-Bio Dental implant

    Dental implants are metal post that is used as a tooth root replacement. The implant is surgically inserted into the jaw bone, and new bone formation surrounds it to ensure stability.

  • Laser Teeth Whitening

    The greatest method to make your teeth seem whiter is by performing a mild dental office procedure called teeth whitening. Teeth naturally have a yellow tint.

  • Root Canal Treatment

    A tooth root canal is not a treatment; it's part of the tooth. It includes the nerve tissue, blood vessels, other cells, and the pulp cavity within a tooth.

  • White Filling

    Dental fillings are used to repair minor tooth fractures or other damaged surfaces of teeth. You can utilize them to restore teeth' chewing or biting function by evening out their surface textures.

  • Porcelain Veeners

    There is no need to be concerned if your smile isn't looking as good as it should be because we have answers for your issues. We provide several dental treatment services in Marmaris.

  • Tooth Extraction

    Teeth extractions may be performed confidently because of modern anaesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and highly efficient local anaesthetic.

  • Smile Makeover

    The smile reflects who you are, and it has a long-term impact. With an emphasis on personal appearance, many individuals enhance their appearance using low-cost cosmetic procedures.

Welcome to Marmaris Dental Clinic

Best Dental Clinic in Marmaris
Marmaris Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Marmaris has welcomed international patients for years. We offer the most modern techniques in Marmaris and are among the top dentistry clinics across Turkey. We know that every person deserves the best treatment and procedures for dental treatment. This is why, for over 20 years, we've worked to make dental care more affordable and accessible for all.

We have to repay you with a smile, which is why we strive to provide the best service to you. We collaborate with all major dental companies, renowned for their durability and popularity worldwide. Our tooth implant solutions are provided, including implant brands like the Alpha-Bio, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, and Dental Crowns with metallic components. All of our treatments are FDA-approved and come with a warranty for a long time.

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